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Catch a Show at Richmond’s Best Theater Venues


Lights, Camera, Action!

Richmond’s cultural scene is full of performing art – with all the show-stopping live performances put on by Richmond’s best, the city really comes alive for those who look.

Downtown Richmond has a plethora of theater venues that show everything from musicals and Broadway performances to operas, ballets, orchestra performances and more. If you’re looking to explore the city’s art scene, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to see a show – from bigger venues to smaller theaters that highlight local talent.

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Top 5 Theaters to Visit in Richmond, VA

1. Altria Theater

Originally called The Mosque Theater when it opened in 1927, the Altria Theater is one of the best known and most popular stages for theatrical and musical performances in the city.

Many of their events include hosting Broadway productions, local comedians, musicians and even allowing Richmond public schools to put on their own events – there’s literally shows for everyone, no matter your age or interest.

Altria Theater is located in the middle of VCU’s campus, and is enjoyed by students, city locals and out-of-towners alike.

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2. Carpenter Theatre/ Dominion Energy Center

Just about every Richmond local has heard of or attended a Dominion Energy event that takes place in the city, but few know that the corporation has fully restored Richmond’s historic Carpenter Theatre.

The space now has dazzling lights and noteworthy acoustics for performances of all types, while still paying homage to its history with a timeless atmosphere and spacious architecture.

You can see operas, orchestras, symphonies, live performances and more on stage.

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3. Virginia Repertory Theatre 

For fans of performance art who appreciate its cultural impact and want to explore the local environment, the Virginia Repertory Theatre is the perfect venue.

This non-profit theater is all about supporting the community and encouraging the creation and production of new plays. You can witness shows put on by local actors that are either well-known in the industry or original works written by their members.

With several locations, this theater is one of the largest performing arts organizations in the region. Their other venues include Theatre IV, Hanover Tavern and The Children’s Theater.

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4. Hippodrome Theater

If you’re looking for a fun date-night idea, catch a performance at the Hippodrome and enjoy its old-timey atmosphere.

Located in Jackson Ward, this entertainment venue is modeled like a speakeasy and celebrates Richmond’s cultural and colorful background. Throughout its history, the venue has been known for its musical performances.

Attached to the theater is a Speakeasy restaurant that offers a savory dining experience. You can even book the theater for a private event.

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5. Sara Belle and Neil November Theater

As one of the many locations for the Virginia Repertory, the November Theater is both a performance stage and living museum.

Visitors can explore Richmond’s historical culture and admire the decor that dates back to the early 1900s as one of Virginia’s oldest major stage houses. You can enjoy more notorious plays and musicals or support local works.

Most performances are family-friendly, making it a great weekend activity for the kids.

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Other Richmond Theaters to Check Out:


Broaden Your Horizons and See A Live Performance

Richmond is full of talent you don’t want to miss. You can have a laugh at a local comedians’ latest set, enjoy the soothing sounds of a symphony and even watch a traditional Broadway performance.

There’s no limit to what you can enjoy in this city.

Downtown Richmond is notorious for hard-to-find street parking. Don’t let the stress of getting a spot prevent you from witnessing Richmond’s historic and artistic culture. And don’t miss the beginning of your show circling the block.

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