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CityParking Inc. Managing New Garage in Fredericksburg, VA

As only one of two parking garages in downtown Fredericksburg, the Winchester Street garage offers 321 spaces for those strolling the area and exploring the beautifully historic nature of the city. 

Fredericksburg, founded in 1728 and named after the son of King George II, is a historic city offering activities and exploration for all. From Civil War battlefields and plantation homes to bookstores, antique stores, parks and more, there’s always something to discover in the delightful city of Fredericksburg. In this post, we go over our parking  garage’s details, available shopping, delicious restaurants, exploration opportunities and other activities readily available in the city. 

Fredericksburg’s Winchester Parking Deck

Being located on the Rappahannock River, Fredericksburg brings people from all over the east coast because of its quaint and historic draw to the downtown area. 

Located behind the Liberty Place commercial building at 607 Williams St, the Winchester Street Parking Deck opened in October 2020 and offers an ideal, safe and secure parking area for those enjoying beautiful Fredericksburg.

Offering both daily and monthly parking, Winchester Parking Deck’s public parking rates are as follows:

  • The first hour: $4
  • 1-2 hours: $5
  • 2-4 hours: $7
  • 4-8 hours: $10
  • 8-10 hours: $12
  • 10-24 hours: $16

*For a lost ticket, the fee is $35

Shopping, Eating, Exploring and More 

Fredericksburg, known for its friendly quaintness and historical character, offers a number of activities for those living in or visiting the area. 

From a surplus of different shopping options to a variety of dining options, there’s something for everyone — no matter their interests! 

Fredericksburg Shopping 

Whether you’re looking to buy local art, eclectic collections of antiques, a variety of musical instruments, souvenir stores, fashion clothing, shoes or more, The Winchester Parking Garage offers a convenient location for a diverse range of shopping options. 

All less than a 10 minute walk from the parking garage, the following are some of our top recommendations for the Fredericksburg visitor:

  • LibertyTown Arts Workshop – a 13,000 square foot gallery with artwork from nearly 60 local artists on display. LibertyTown also offers a number of classes from pottery-making, drawing and painting, to glassblowing, fiber-spinning and more. 
  • Wildflower Collective – a diverse collection of consignment items, from fashion clothing to vintage accessories and more. 
  • Made in Virginia Store – a family-owned one-stop-shop for Virginia heritage, cuisine and souvenirs. From gift baskets, sweets, spreads, drinks, clothing and more, there are one-of-a-kind products for anyone wanting to celebrate Virginia. 
  • Blue Shark Antiques & Collectibles – an antique shop with collectibles from the 18th century to the early 1900s. For over 15 years, Blue Shark has offered the community classic vinyls, vintage furniture, antique paintings and many other unique items.  
  • Picker’s Supply – a vintage instrument collections shop. Offering lessons, repairs, appraisals and a variety of rare and vintage instruments. 
  • Riverby Books – a bookstore of used rare books that are bought and sold on a daily basis!  Whether you’re looking to find your next unique book or reselling your old finds, Riverby is there for all your book dealings.

Fredericksburg Eating

All within 10 minutes from the Winchester Deck, the selection for eating around the historic downtown of Fredericksburg offers something for those from all walks of culinary taste. 

From a new Mellow Mushroom opened in May to an ale house near the Rappahannock River, there’s a diverse selection of restaurants and eateries to choose from. 

These restaurants include but are not limited to:

Fredericksburg Parks, Exploration and More

With the historic district being one of the more sought out tourist attractions, Fredericksburg offers a wide variety of options to satisfy your explorative spirit. Between outdoor parks, historic cemeteries, mansions, museums and more, there is something for the casual outdoor stroller and the intrigued museum and mansion explorer.

Regardless if you’re wanting to stroll through the outdoors or find curiosity in museums and mansions, here is our list of some activities in the Fredericksburg within a short 15 minute walk from the garage:

Find Convenient Parking in Virginia

With a number of various parking locations in Fredericksburg, Norfolk and Richmond, City Parking offers ideal locations to access a myriad of activities, shops and restaurants — wherever you may be traveling to. 

No matter if you’re looking for monthly parking options or one-time parking, City Parking offers available parking within Virginia from Richmond to Fredericksburg. Find your next parking spot today!