CityParking, Inc.’s Parking Management Services


Enhance Your Opportunities With Customized Parking Management Services

Imagine maximizing your profitability, strengthening your client relationships and creating new revenue opportunities through your parking lot.

Through personalized parking management services with CityParking, Inc., this dream can become your reality.

Our team helps you increase your return on investment through reliable oversight and unique solutions for all types of parking facilities.


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Maximizing Your Profit With Managed Commercial Parking Facilities

As Richmond’s largest parking operator with over 50 parking locations in Virginia, we’re dedicated to providing you the best oversight and solutions — no matter your facility type.

When you partner with us, you’ll get:

  • Best-in-class parking revenue systems
  • Multiple revenue streams & payment methods
  • Efficient and robust operations for low overhead

Increasing Your ROI For All Your Facilities

When your parking assets are being underutilized, you’re missing out on:

Every parking lot requires individual solutions to maximize revenue. That’s why CityParking, Inc. offers expert guidance from a knowledgeable team of experienced consultants to ensure your lot is reaching its ultimate potential — in accessibility, marketability, profitability and safety.

Using the data of your property, we’ll determine its maximum usage and provide a strategic framework to best manage the lot — no matter your needs.

With our support, you can take your parking lot from holding three cars to holding 30 cars while creating new revenue opportunities.

Streamlined Parking Management Services Tailored to Your Specific Property.


Improve the safety and security of your lot or garage.


Strengthen tenet relationships through enhanced customer service.


Enhance your return on investment for commercial parking facilities


Optimize the marketing for your lot or garage


Create consistent approaches towards your lot or garage’s management

Want To Increase Your Lot’s Profitability?

Whether you’re building a new parking structure or renovating a lot, we can bring our specialized expertise to your project. By applying our cutting-edge knowledge to tailor-fitted solutions built around your needs, you can develop proactive parking plans, parking designs and land development.

Consulting with us will help you future-proof your parking and protect your investment.

Contact us online or by calling today at (804) 344-3353.