Step Through History and Celebrate Diversity at Run Richmond 16.19

A Global Journey Through Black History

Once connected by the Transatlantic Slave Trade, now connected by hope and commemoration, Virginia, England and Benin make up the Triangle of Hope. Richmond, Liverpool and Ouidah share a past marked by slavery and a dedication to reconciliation and healing. Each one is also home to a reconciliation statue designed by Liverpool-based artist Stephen Broadbent.

Each of these cities participates in the AFRICA RECONNECT Event Series, organized by the Djimon Hounsou Foundation. A major part of the series is an annual running and walking event located in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Runners will gather on Saturday, September 30 to race through two routes filled with historical significance and recognitions of the over 400 years of Black History in Virginia. The list of event organizers even includes the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia.

You can choose to take on the longer distance of 16.19 kilometers or the short race for 6.19 kilometers. The routes include parts of the Richmond Slave Trail, famous street art, scenic bridges and historic monuments.  

Preparations and Parking for the Run Richmond 16.19 Event

September 30th is coming up fast and it’s time to train, plan and organize. Get moving early with free training runs through Weoffthecouch, a local running group created to build an inclusive and enjoyable fitness experience.

Plan your journey to the start line with our parking tips and essential race day info. Let’s run through the quick facts you need to know:

16.19 Kilometers Run:

6.19 Kilometer Run/Walk

Get to Know the Event Goals

In addition to creating a healthy community and setting personal running records, the 16.19 sets out to make a meaningful impact by:

  • Commemorating the sacrifices made by African Americans
  • Celebrating the achievements and milestones made by African Americans since the start of the slave trade
  • Taking a stand for racial equality
  • Recognizing the impact of African and African American culture
  • Preserving Pan-African identity
  • Reconnecting people with their roots
  • Building partnerships with the City of Richmond and other local organizations
  • Helping people discover their personal history
  • Raising money for the Djimon Hounsou Foundation, which seeks to fight modern day slavery and human trafficking

Park Your Car, Lace Up Your Shoes and Hit the Course

Don’t miss the chance to join the runners taking to the roads in Richmond and honor the sacrifices and achievements made by African Americans throughout Virginia and the rest of the country.

Whether you’re there as a community partner, enthusiastic cheerleader or top-speed racer, you’ll appreciate the passion and consideration put into this experience.

CityParking watched as runners crossed all throughout the city during the 2022 inaugural event and is here to help you easily do the same this year. Save your legs for the race by using one of our several parking lots near the Kanawha Plaza.