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Richmond Marathon Guide


A Guide to Running, Cheering and Parking at the Richmond Marathon

America’s friendliest marathon is back for its 46th year! The Richmond marathon is famous for its supportive fans, roadside parties, fun pit stops and awesome swag.

But, this awesome race is also infamous for all of the road closures and traffic changes that come with it. Most people don’t even leave the house the morning of the marathon because they’re worried about getting turned around.

If you’re heading out and about on Nov. 11, just remember your drive will be more like a marathon than a sprint.

Race participants obviously have no choice but to venture out into the rearranged Richmond streets. Between the marathon, half-marathon and 8k there were over 12,300 runners in 2022. That’s a whole lot of cars to park and people to navigate.

It doesn’t help that the course hits some of Richmond’s most beloved spots. The runners take off from Downtown Richmond and celebrate their finish at Brown’s Island. In between, the marathon course takes people to the Museum District, Southside, Bryan Park, the West End and more.

Make it to the Start on Time

It doesn’t matter how much training you do if you’re not at the start of your race before they say go! If you aren’t within walking distance or planning on taking the bus, your best chances are driving or ridesharing to Downtown Richmond. And you know what they say, if you want something done right – do it yourself. It can be hard to put your early morning arrival in someone else’s hands.

This leads many runners to pack up their water bottles, headphones and warm layers early to head downtown and search for a parking spot.

CityParking has lots and garages just a short walk away from the start lines located at Broad and 1st, Broad and 7th, and Broad and 8th.

This year, the event organizers want to maximize the party at Brown’s Island by having each race start by just a 15 minute stagger. In order to give the marathoners room to get started, their race will kick off at Broad and 1st, while the other two runs start further east near the State Capitol.

Keep your legs fresh for the Marathon by parking at:

Save your speed for the Half Marathon and 8K by parking at:

Finish Strong at Brown’s Island

All of the races finish with a nice downhill stretch towards Brown’s Island. There, runners are greeted by excited crowds and plenty of post-run goodies.

There are bananas to grab, beers to drink and even slices of pizza for the finishers! The marathon and half-marathon runners are rewarded with their hats and iconic blankets for all their hard work.

When you’ve left it all on the course and cross the finish line you’re exhausted. The last thing you want is to do is walk multiple miles back to your car. Honestly, your legs probably wouldn’t let you even if you tried.

Shorten your hobble, shuffle and struggle back to your car with easy-to-access parking.

CityParking has the following lots near Richmond’s riverfront:

Become a First-Place Spectator

Richmonders love a marathon party. While their neighbors run 26.2 miles, people gather on front porches all over the city to watch the race. Others take advantage of street closures and gather along the course to dance, hold up signs and yell “you’re almost there!”

There are pre-established party zones, bands set up around the course and awards for the most spirited groups of spectators.

If you’re heading out to help runners start or finish with confidence, try some of these convenient parking spots downtown:

Help everyone hitting the home stretch as their mileage reaches double digits at our lots in Scott’s Addition and the Fan:

Richmond Marathon Parking You Don’t Have to Run For

Whether you’re crossing the finish line or cheering at mile 20, good luck and we hope to see you out there! Don’t forget to download one of our two contactless parking vendor apps before you head out. CityParking offers event parking for just $15 for the full day.

Make sure you get to your desired lot correctly by using the official list of road closures provided by marathon organizers.