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Shopping Local Businesses in Richmond’s Arts District


Exploring the Small Business Scene in RVA

Richmond’s small business scene is a marvel. There are tons of local artists, creators, restaurants, shops and more. Around every corner, you’ll find a business owner contributing to the community. Everything from handcrafted gifts and clothing stores to tattoo and ice cream shops.

Richmond’s Arts District is an excellent example of hometown heroes sharing their passion with the community.

For instance, whether you want a streetwear store or an artisanal dining experience—there’s a place for you. Richmond’s Arts District is a great place for unique shopping, dining and anything else you could imagine. CityParking has broken up this easy-to-explore area into three sections, so you can optimize your time out on the town!

Local Shops and Restaurants in the Arts District

Shopping and eating locally is easy in the City when you have a variety of stand-out options. Let alone, so many choices within just one neighborhood. Let’s dive into some of the places that help make the Arts District so unique and contribute to Richmond’s local feel.

Fine Clothing, Coffee Culture and Steak

Searching for refined clothing from local vendors? Look no further than these Arts District businesses on Broad Street, near the Richmond Convention Center. Browse exquisite selections and grab a little pick-me-up while shopping. And if you get hungry, there’s a place for that too.

  • 707 Fine Clothing: This fine clothing store has the ability to fit you into something marvelously custom to match your style and needs.
  • Urban Hang Suite: Connect with others, get work done or just enjoy a stellar cup of coffee. UHS will give you a boost while shopping or a relaxing spot for after.
  • ML Steak: A modern chophouse situated in the Arts District, ML Steak serves upscale dining options perfect for the end of a long day browsing local shops.

Where to Park

Make finding a new outfit, coffee spot and/or dining establishment an easy occasion with our convenient parking lots.

Everyday Items, Clothing, Coffee and Cuisine

Maybe you want to dress more casually or enjoy streetwear? Or perhaps you are looking for a gift for a loved one? In either case, this Central Section of the Arts District, near Quirk Hotel, not only has clothing options but there are also places to quench your coffee thirst or grab a bite to eat.

  • Charged Up: Get charged up with streetwear and good vibes from this hangout spot. Here you’ll find fresh clothing and get to immerse yourself in the City’s artistic culture.
  • Chilalay: Another popular spot for finding trend-worthy clothing while enjoying fashion and culture. They’ve even collaborated with the VMFA to produce unique streetwear.
  • It’s A Man’s World: A local business catered toward all things in upscale Men’s clothing. From jackets and gloves to button-downs and dress pants, you’ll find what you need.
  • Little Nomad: Looking for a stylish kid’s store but want to support local? Here is the place to go! You’ll find many options to suit your child’s needs and wants.
  • Lift Coffee Shop: Lift yourself up to keep shopping! This coffee spot in the Arts District will keep you fueled for the day with superb coffee and food selections.
  • Tarrant’s Cafe: Is your body feeling empty after all that store hopping and shopping? Enjoy food for your soul at Tarrant’s Cafe where they serve a variety of modern dishes.
  • Bar Solita: Eat like you’re on vacation in a faraway destination while staying in Richmond’s Arts District. Between the tropical vibes and flavorful dishes, you’ll be able to easily relax here.
  • NAMA: Searching for something to eat but want to enjoy culturally unique cuisine? Taste delectable Indian cruise and cocktails at the end of a long shopping haul.

Where to Park

Save yourself time and enjoy perusing around local stores or catching up with friends after at a to-die-for eatery.

Thrift, Slow Fashion, Creative Consignment and Culinary Creations

Want to explore curated women’s fashion, get thrifty or check out creative consignment stores? Visiting this section of the Arts District near N Belvidere Street, is your best bet. On top of that, there is delicious cultural cuisine close by after you’re done.

  • Circle Thrift: Thrift stores are always solid places for great finds—and this place is a great find of its own. Immerse yourself in a creative art space and discover your next unique piece.
  • Mod & Soul: Create a new style or find items to match your taste at Mod & Soul, a women’s clothing boutique conveniently located in the Arts District.
  • Verdalina: Looking for something unique yet wearable year-round? Maybe something sustainable? Find stunning universal styles that are eco-friendly here.
  • Jamaica House: When you’re hungry after a long day of browsing, try authentic Jamaican culinary creations. This restaurant is an affordable Richmond staple serving tasty food in a relaxed environment.

Where to Park

Keep your car close by and get to the shops quicker when you park at our nearby lots. Easy to park when the spending starts and quick to find when you’re done eating.

Par(k)take in the Arts District with CityParking

Ready to take on the local business scene in Richmond’s Arts District? Come on down and try out a shop, restaurant or other business. There’s plenty to get into to account for several fun-filled days with friends, family or even going on a solo trip.

Easy access to your festivities isn’t far away! CityParking has plenty of parking across the district for you, with each lot close to many different local spots. Convenient access to Richmond’s small businesses has never been easier.

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