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Warm Up and Wake Up in Downtown Norfolk


Exploring Norfolk’s Coffee and Warm Beverage Hotspots

When the weather’s cold, nothing gets you going or warms you up quite like a steamy cup of joe or luxury latte.

Don’t settle for your usual Starbucks order or a mediocre macchiato from Dunkin Donuts. Treat yourself to something flavorful and exquisite from a local coffee shop. Downtown Norfolk has tons of cafes and coffeehouses that soothe and excite your taste buds.

Start the morning off right with your delectable drink of choice.

Does trying to park downtown ruin your morning mood? We’ve got you covered! CityParking’s Granby St. Lot (333), Plume Street Parking Deck (lot 500) and NEON District Lot (838) offer plenty of spaces right by the shops so you don’t have to walk far or find parallel parking.


Top 5 Coffee Shops in Downtown Norfolk, VA

1. Alatte Cafe

As one of the more eclectic coffee shops in Norfolk, Alatte Cafe is as unique as it is tasteful. Known for their whole bean roasts, the shop roasts their beans in-house to guarantee a fresh cup of coffee. Enjoy a classic americano while admiring the decor of unique artwork and giraffe figurines that take you someplace else.

1 minute walk from Lot 333


2. Cafe Genevieve

If you’ve got a craving for French food to go with your cappuccino, Cafe Genevieve is sure to satisfy. This French inspired cafe specializes in authentic flavor combinations, serving locally roasted Rich Port coffee just as you would taste it in Paris. Add their award-winning macrons to your plate and enjoy the morning.

4-minute walk from Lot 500


3. Three Ships Coffee Roasters

The Norfolk location of Three Ships Coffee Roasters has become a local favorite for their specialty brews, both hot and cold. This coffee shop offers traditional brews, specialty lattes and even pour overs. If you like what you taste, they even sell coffee blends to go, so you can bring your favorite flavor home (including holiday blends!).

2-minute walk from Lot 333


4. Town Center Cold Pressed

For those who love supporting the community, Town Center Cold Pressed specializes in ethically-sourced, locally roasted coffee that uses beans from their roastery in Norfolk. Meeting a friend that’s not a fan of coffee? Town Center doubles down as a juicery, providing several different juice flavors and cleanses. You’re sure to find something that suits your taste buds.

5-minute walk from Lot 333


5. Cafe Crema

As a family owned and operated bistro, Cafe Crema is happy to serve both breakfast and lunch options for everyone in the family. Their gourmet beverages are what make them a hotspot for coffee and warm drinks. You can delight in a classic espresso or satisfy your sweet tooth with a Milky Way latte.

6-minute walk from Lot 500


Other Coffee Cafes or Breakfast Bakeries Nearby:


Cheers the Morning by Exploring the Norfolk Coffee Hotspots

When you need something strong to wake you up or something tasty to brighten your day, Downtown Norfolk has plenty of coffee shops to quench your thirst.

Whether you need something quick to get your day started, picking up for the office or have the leisure to enjoy a cup with a friend, there are cafes galore. Don’t let the stress of finding a parking space keep you cranky or thirsty. CityParking has several lots downtown that make your morning coffee run a breeze.