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Where is the Best Burger in Richmond, VA?


Everyone in the River City has beef over who is grilling up the best burger. Richmond is undeniably a food destination and you really can’t go wrong with a good sandwich. Even the vegan and veggie lovers can find a bangin’ burger if they look hard enough.

Obviously there’s a McDonalds around every corner, but you can go beyond the Big Mac here.

There’s everything from locally sourced beef, smash burgers with attitude, patty-hugging doughnuts and artisan burgers. When it’s time for the classic toppings to go, you can find burgers topped with lavish truffled mushrooms or peanut butter straight from the jar.

Locals and visitors alike have spoken online and according to Yelp, Richmond’s top 10 burger slingers are:

  1. Beauvine Burger Concept
  2. Capital Burgers and Dogs
  3. Jack Brown’s Beer and Burger
  4. Boulevard Burger and Brew
  5. Citizen Burger Bar Carytown
  6. Cobra Burger 
  7. Secret Sandwich Society
  8. Burgerworks 
  9. Burger Bach
  10. Kreggers at Hand 

Three Terrific Burgers You Have To Try

But listen, it was a close race for first place and everyone has their opinion. Whether they’ve made Yelp’s list or not, there are lots of standout sandwiches to consume.

To keep it simple, here are three burgers in Richmond that will have you absolutely cheesin’:

Boulevard Burgers and Brews’ Animal Farm Burger 

When you drive by this classically styled diner, you might never consider stopping by for some kale. But their menu incorporates all of your favorites alongside high-end toppings, meat alternatives and fresh produce. And don’t worry, you can still wash it all down with a decadent or boozy milkshake!

But right now, it’s time to celebrate their veggie-heavy Animal Farm burger. This well-loved and highly-rated handheld includes sautéed wild mushrooms, goat cheese and kale that has been cooked just right.

Animal Farm isn’t for the pickiest eaters but if you’re looking for flavor you can feel good about, then look no further. Burgers are kind of a big deal at Boulevard so you can always sub your beef for black bean, quinoa, turkey, chicken or Beyond Meat patties.

If you need extra time to choose your entrée, you can patiently munch on fried green beans and corn dog nuggets while you wait.

Boulevard is one of Richmond’s top burger spots and they’re always busy – the parking lot is not for the faint of heart. If you need reliable parking for your Scott’s Addition snacking, use CityParking’s lots just on the other side of N. Arthur Ashe Boulevard.

Lemaire Burger

The words “hotel bar food” don’t really get your taste buds excited but that will change once you realize the hotel is Richmond’s esteemed Jefferson Hotel. Their restaurant Lemaire has hundreds of 5-star reviews, a respected reputation and a menu that will melt your mind.

But this isn’t about their Crispy Chesapeake Bay Oysters or Ancho Chili-Rubbed Salmon, it’s about a burger served up in their lounge.

The Lemaire Burger technically is beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion on white bread. But in reality, it is so far beyond that.

The tomato is made into a savory compote. Your onions come perfectly grilled. The lettuce is a fresh bibb not a limp romaine. The cheese isn’t a slice, it’s a perfectly melted raclette. Lastly, you get your perfect vessel from the brioche bun.

Even if you aren’t staying the night at the Jefferson, you shouldn’t sleep on this burger.

Lemaire provides a valet, but CityParking knows that burger buyers value simplicity and good deals. Let us help you park with ease at the Jefferson Hotel Main St. Lot or at our spot on the  corner of W. Franklin Street & Jefferson Street. 

Saison Smash Burger 

Hear us out, Saison isn’t known for their burgers. While you may have heard about their great locally sourced food, are you surprised to learn they have a smash burger with rave reviews?

Many adventurous restaurant eaters will tell you it’s the restaurants with one burger instead of 20 that always seem to outrank the rest. Saison’s smash burger with gruyere cheese, yeast aioli, iceberg lettuce, red onion and pickles may just be a testament to that statement.

In fact some diners have called it the best burger they’ve ever had, or at least the best in Richmond.

Create the perfect ode to southern cuisine and top your burger with bacon or fill up with double patties. Either way – your mouth will water and you’ll be coming back for more.

The best part is that Saison’s is snuggled into Richmond’s Art District on an awesome block in the Jackson Ward neighborhood. Grab the bus, ride your bike or park with ease at CityParking’s lot at the corner of N. Adams Street and E. Grace Street. 

Do You Prefer Your Parking With or Without Pickles?

Don’t drive yourself right into a hangry argument with your copilot. You’ve headed out for burgers because you’re hungry and need food fast.

CityParking has contactless parking lots all over Richmond, including ones right by some of the city’s best restaurants. Lettuce help you find the most convenient parking around.